Text Box:  A response of 4 represents a high ranking .  The maximum score is 14 x 4 = 56 and the minimum 14 x 1 = 14. The top of the scale suggests a person with energy and excitement for life, curious, secure, with ability to recover quickly from life’s stresses and one who is likable and likes others. 

The Ego Resilience 89 scale attempts to measure the quality of resilience by assessing the way each person manages the fluctuations in daily life and what they do about their own experiences. While those scoring higher in the scale are not necessarily free of emotional distress and impairment, emotional problems would be expected to be much more prevalent among those ranked lower. 

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Ego Resiliency Scale (Block, unpublished) - general mental health & stability
Text Box:  Rate yourself from 1-4 on the following scale.1 = does not apply at all 2 = applies slightly, if at all 3 = applies somewhat 4 = applies very strongly.

I am generous with my friends
I quickly get over and recover from being startled
I enjoy dealing with new and unusual situations
I usually succeed in making a favorable impression on people
I enjoy trying new foods I have never tasted before
I am regarded as a very energetic person
I like different paths to familiar places
I am more curious than most people
Most of the people I meet are likable
I usually think carefully about something before acting
I like to do new and different things
My daily life is full of things that keep me interested
I would be willing to describe myself as a pretty strong personality
I get over my anger at someone reasonably quick
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Text Box: Suggested Readings

Who Moved My Cheese? : An Amazing Way to Deal With Change in Your Work and in Your Life   by Spencer Johnson, et al 

Quantum Change: when Epiphanies and Sudden Insights Transform Ordinary Lives by William R. Miller and Janet C’ de Baca

Necessary Losses by Judith Viorst
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Text Box: This newsletter is intended for general information only.  It recognizes that individual issues can differ from broad guidelines.  Personal issues should be addressed within a therapeutic context.

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