Text Box: The Times They Are A Changing
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From the inside out
Text Box: The Waves of Change
Text Box: Think of a beach ball floating in the surf.  It moves on the waves following the tide. As it travels and is tossed from side to side it remains in the flow.  This is resilience.   Resilience involves staying flexible yet balanced in   life.  There are several ways to accomplish this balancing act.
Allow the experience of strong emotions while realizing there are times to avoid such emotions to keep functioning .
Text Box: Step forward and deal with problems and meet the demands in life.  But recognize the need to rest and regenerate yourself.
Stay connected to loved ones to gain encouragement and support.
Rely on others as you rely on yourself.
Stay in the flow, understanding there are some things you over which you have no control.

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Text Box: Inside This Issue
Text Box: The end of one thing is the   beginning of another. I am a pilgrim again.

Yuichiro Miura, 
The man who skied Down Everest

This issue of Wellness examines resilience. Our world has been showing its dark side over the past year: terrorist attacks, corporate downsizing, increased interest in personal safety, a down-turned economy.  Have you ever wondered how someone might cope better with tragedy and change better than others?  How do children living in a family of poverty, abuse and neglect grow up to be strong compassionate, successful adults?  The key to adapting in the face of adversity is the ability to “bounce back” from these experiences.  The key is to be resilient.


Resilience is an ordinary response to stress.  Individuals demonstrate the behaviors to a greater or lesser extent when faced with difficulties.  Being resilient does not mean being free of emotional distress.   Sadness and emotional distress is common to people

who have suffered major difficulties in their lives.


This newsletter will describe resilience and factors that affect how people deal with challenges. It is important to understand  balance and flexibility and learn the best way to cope during a transition in life.  Learn to find your resilient self in the success of your past.  Build your personal resources.  Find new ways to cope with stress.  Don’t forget to take the test to measure your own Ego Resilience.

As always we have listed some reading and video suggestions to guide you on your path to resilience.

 Inside this issue:




Life’s Transitions


Learning from the Past


Life’s Ups and Downs


Dealing With Stress


The Ego Resilience Scale