Text Box: Take Your Job and Love It
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From the inside out
Text Box: The Dream Job
Text Box: You fantasize about making a living and feeling passionate about your work.  You feel flushed with envy when your co-workers move on to live their dreams.  Most of us want to find bigger challenges or feel more fulfilled in our work.
 When considering leaving the safety found in the current job, sometimes the risk seems too great.  Taking a cautious approach can move you towards a revitalized career.  
Text Box: Let your day job fund your dream.  Take advantage of all the training and experience you currently receive in your present job.
Value your passion, not just the paycheck.  People who are serious about making a change don’t look at money as the primary issue.  
Have confidence in yourself.  Believe in yourself propels you to excel.  Confidence keeps the mind, body and spirit healthy.

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Text Box: Inside This Issue
Text Box: Two roads diverged in the wood, and I– 
I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference

Robert Frost

In the span of a lifetime, work consumes  so much that we wonder if we are working to live or living to work.  The average American worker spends more time engaged in work related activities than other industrial nations.   As a result our relationships and emotional health suffers

What is work?  Essentially, work is what we are able to do based on our abilities, temperament and desires.  It helps us feel productive and helpful.  Work engages our thinking and creativity.  When we are doing work that is right for us, it feels challenging and exciting.  When it is wrong… frustration and unhappiness are the result.  Finding work that is compatible with our personality and talent is a basic way to enhance emotional health.

The career path for our parents and grandparents was certainly different from the one on which we find ourselves.  The average worker will no longer be a “company man” , working at one job for 40 years.  The average worker now changes jobs several times

in the course of his or her career.  Workers are plagued with on-the-job anxieties and problems balancing life.  Our culture increasingly glamorizes the workaholic.  What is a worker to do?

 This newsletter will reflect on our relationship with our work.  Are you ready to go out on your own or do you want to cope with the annoyance in the next cubical?  Learn how to find some balance in your life. Understand the signs of burn out and what to do if you are feeling a little crispy.  Most important of all find passion in work you enjoy.

 Inside this issue:




The Inside Job


Work as an Addiction


Ideas to Consider


Creepy Co-Workers


Preventing Burn Out