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Text Box: How many people go into a line of work because it is what is expected?  The family business becomes the only employment option.  Family and friends have expectations of us and what we should be doing with our lives.  As we travel from school days to work days we may not take the time to look at our interests, values, abilities and limitations.  We may soon begin to feel we are living our lives for others and not for ourselves.  We become frustrated and resentful about not doing anything for ourselves.  When our work is out of sync with our authentic selves the chance of high stress and burn out increases.  The more compatible our work is to our selves , the greater the level of emotional health. Work that is of interest and provides for ourselves as well as the greater community is vital.  Work is an expression of our intellect and physical abilities.  
Consider the following as you examine your connection to your work.
 Self-esteem is the value a person places on themselves from meeting lifeís challenges.  Compatible work allows a sense of satisfaction and competence.  As you project a positive self image others project positive cues in return.  
Right Work
Finding your ďright workĒ requires deep thought.  Think about what your really enjoy doing and take it to an abstract level.  If you enjoy playing with your children, on an abstract level you enjoy nurturing others and being creative.  What kind of work meets those abstract needs? Those opportunities may be available in your current job.  It may mean looking at your duties in a different light.  Or it may be time to look elsewhere to fully meet your needs.
Identify Limits
 Be realistic.  You may see yourself as strong and able to overcome any obstacle.  To a degree that is a healthy attitude.  However, accepting your limitations allows you to make smarter life choices.  Look for patterns of dissatisfaction in  your experiences.  Appreciate yourself as someone who can recognize strengths and weaknesses.   
Its about the Money, isnít it?
There is no amount of money that can compete with personal satisfaction and peace of mind.  Of  course money is a vital reward of work, but donít forget the rewards of social contact, productivity, creativity, challenge, being true to Text Box: yourself or the feeling of satisfaction when the job is well done.  When you do what you love the money will likely follow.  Your productivity will increase and be of higher quality.  This will be recognized by others.  Your work will demonstrate your enthusiasm in life and motivation to make your life and your  work the best it can be.

Text Box: You know who the workplace creeps are.  Here are some tips to identify them and learn to live with them.
The cockroach has been in the organization for years.  They know how to hide and survive while doing just enough to earn their keep.  To live with them accept that they will be around and likely wonít change.  Do not team up with them, unless you are ready to become one of them.
Black Widows will wrap you up in friendship, but their bite can be fatal.  They are in the game for their own rewards.  They donít care who they hurt.  Listen to your friends who have been bitten, they know this creep personally.  Do not be lulled into thinking you are special to the widow.  You will not be protected.
The stink bug can find the negative in everything.  Their complaining brings everyone down and stirs things up.  To repel the stinkbug just counter their negative arguments, with the positive.  They wonít stay around long.
Wasps can sting many times.  This co-worker is just mean.  They are the one saying you canít take a joke.  They are insecure little people who feel better by putting people down.  Just as with any bully, keep your distance and donít let them see you squirm.
Roly-Polys are afraid of confrontation.  They are the masters of playing dead.  They are not totally honest, not wanting to confront an idea of which they do not agree.   Ask them to find problems with your ideas.  Give them permission to disagree. Is bug can be handled.
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