Text Box:  When was the last time you had a heart to heart conversation with someone you love?  When was the last time you gave of your time and received of their time freely, without interruption?  If you are like many of us your time is scheduled.   The pager is not far from your reach.  The to– do list is never ending.  
Intimacy in relationships has many shades.  From connection to community, the compassion between friends, the familiarity between siblings to the passion between partners, intimacy glows from the brightest pink to the deepest red.
True intimacy is difficult and elusive.  It is the journey we all take because we long for the Text Box: bliss of the destination.  On the way we can be disillusioned by the dead ends and one way streets.  But to discontinue the journey means that we have given up on what our heart needs to be fulfilled.  To continue means that we are willing to risk our heart in hopes of finding that sense of oneness with another person.
Why do we yearn for something so indefinable?  The search for intimacy may come from our human nature.  We are social beings.  Perhaps it is why we form social groups and possibly why we look for spiritual fulfillment.  As humans we do not want to be alone.
We want to share our experiences with another.  We need Text Box: to see that our experiences can have a profound impact on another.  This connection validates our existence.  

This edition of Wellness From The Inside Out, takes a look at the journey towards intimacy.  We will explore the many forms of intimacy, its challenges, warning signs and benefits. 
Text Box: Intimate Connections
Text Box: Volume 2, Issue 1
Text Box: Wellness
From the inside out
Text Box: Spring 2002
Text Box:  Pay attention to expectations--most people overly romanticize relationships. Be aware of myths, stereotypes, media and literature, and family of origin influences. Most people expect too much from their partner and try to get from their partner Text Box: what they didn't get from their parents.                             Couples must learn to balance distance and closeness. A couple must establish how much time will be spent together.  Each partner must take into account one another's preferences and Text Box: personality (one may be a loner and the other a social butterfly). Both partners have to protect their time and energy from too many pulls and find an appropriate balance between continued on page 2

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Health and Intimacy– the Connection


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Text Box: Thought for the day
“Love cannot survive if you just give it scraps of yourself, scraps of your time, craps of your thoughts. “
~ Mary O’Hara                  	author