Online Symptom Checklist

Depression Checklist

The following is a check list of symptoms related to depression. The completion of this check list in no way confirms or rules out a psychiatric diagnosis of any kind. This check list is provided for informational purposes only. If you have any questions or concerns about the check list or your responses to the checklist feel free to contact

Over the past two weeks how much have you been disturbed by the following:

Not at all


Quite a bit

A lot

A loss of interest in things

Problems sleeping: too much, not enough, difficulty falling asleep

Feeling blue, depressed, hopeless

Feeling bad about yourself. Poor self-concept

Feeling tired.

Change in appetite, eating more than normal or less than normal

Difficulty staying focused on things like conversations, reading or TV

Feeling like, or people have commented that you are moving slower or are more fidgety

Thoughts of suicide – even the thought that other people would be better off if you were dead