Professional Services

Professional Supervision for social workers and addiction professionals is available. Please contact Donna Hunter, LCSW, CAP at 479-431-4237 or e-mail for more information.

Professional Training/ Workshops

For over 10 years Donna Hunter, LCSW, CAP has provided and sponsored a variety of professional workshops for mental health and addiction professionals.

  • Borderline Personality Disorder-3hr
  • Recovery Planning –3hr
  • Ethics and the Counselor- 3.5 hr
  • Women and Addictions- 3.0 hr
  • Update 1999- HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence, Ethics, and Psychopharmacology –8hr
  • Women and Addiction, 1.5 hr
  • Domestic Violence/ Survivors of Crime 3.0 hr
  • Marketing And Expanding your Private Practice 3.0 hr
  • Cyber Addiction 3.0 hr.

Global Therapy Sponsored CEU events

  • 2002 HIV/AIDS Fl 3.0hr Presented By Thomas Economous MSW, MPH
  • 2003 AniCare Child, Fl 3.0hr Presented by the Hillsborough County Humane Society
  • 2004 EMDR with Children and Adolescents presented by Carol Crow LMHC
  • 2005 EMDR : Fairy Tales and treatment of Children by Ricky Greenwald LCSW

If you are looking for a high quality CEU offering for agency staff, please contact the Global Therapy office 479-431-4237

Most of the above mentioned programs are being produced as online offerings. If you are interested in online CEU’s please send an e-mail to with the specific topic of interest.