We offer several different types of newsletters related to children, intimacy, stress, resilency, and psychotherapy. If you would like more information on any of these newsletters or information on another topic please contact us.

Childrens Mental Health Newsletter

For over 50 years the month of May has been mental health month. The National Mental Health Association and the National Council for Community Behavioral healthcare have teamed together to educate families, public officials and communities with the message that Mental Health Matters. "Mental health problems are more common than any other health problem in America Today. " Some of the key facts and statistics regarding children's mental health are as follows: Read more..

Intimacy Newsletter

Had a heart to heart conversation with someone you love? When was the last time you gave of your time and received of their time freely, without interruption? If you are like many of us your time is scheduled. The pager is not far from your reach. The to- do list is never ending.Why do we yearn for something so indefinable?  The search for intimacy may come from our human nature.  We are social beings.  Perhaps it is why we form social groups and possibly why we look for spiritual fulfillment.
Read more..

Workplace Stress Newsletter

In the span of a lifetime, work consumes  so much that we wonder if we are working to live or living to work.  The average American worker spends more time engaged in work related activities than other industrial nations.   As a result our relationships and emotional health suffers
What is work?  Essentially, work is what we are able to do based on our abilities, temperament and desires.  It helps us feel productive and helpful.  Work engages our thinking and creativity.  When we are doing work that is right for us, it feels challenging and exciting.  When it is wrong… Read more..

Resilency Newsletter

This issue of Wellness examines resilience. Our world has been showing its dark side over the past year: terrorist attacks, corporate downsizing, increased interest in personal safety, a down-turned economy.  Have you ever wondered how someone might cope better with tragedy and change better than others?  How do children living in a family of poverty, abuse and neglect grow up to be strong compassionate, successful adults?  The key to adapting in the face of adversity is the ability to “bounce back” from these experiences.  The key is to be resilient. Read more..

Psychotherapy Newsletter

Our lives provide us the opportunity to feel emotional distress.  By seeing distress as an opportunity we have a choice.  We can  stay in distress or work our way through it.  We can further choose to go it alone or to get some help. When you have a legal dilemma you may choose to consult an attorney.  When your plumbing fails you may choose to consult a plumber. Read more..